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Hi, My name is Marg and I am just mad about animals!

On the right you can see a picture of me with my adorable little miniature donkey, Joe

Joe also features in the header banner above along with my dog Jasmine

They are both looking forward to becoming famous through this site, lol!

Pic of me and my little donkey, Joe

May I wish you a very warm welcome to my site.

My Chief interests are taking care of otherwise unwanted animals. As you probably know, they do need lot of TLC and Food is becoming increasingly expensive. Hence, my reason for putting this website together is in the hope of making a little money on the Internet.

Within this site you will be able to meet and find out more about me and my animals and also learn about keeping and caring for many different types of animals. There is also lots of information about animal supplies and pet supplies. Maybe you would like to come and chat about animal and pet supplies on our animal blogs, or just enjoy reading all the other interesting bits of information and e-books about animals. Whatever you want, if its animal related you will probably find it here!

I realise that not everyone is able to take care of old, sick and unwanted animals the way I do, but there are just so many unwanted animals out there maybe it is something that more people could consider doing, and if looking for a pet like a puppy adopt an abandoned one from an animal shelter.

I will also be introducing you to some of the animal causes which I support and the recommended animal products which I have to purchase regularly for my own animals.

Any money which I make from this site will be helping me to feed and properly care for all my animals and others which I may aquire in the future.

Please spare a second to help the animals by clicking on the the Banner above. The Animal Rescue Site needs your help to feed and care for rescued animals every day with a simple click, and at NO COST to you!

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