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These animals could be dead tomorrow!

Its a very sad fact of life that animals are put down every day because their owners don't want them any more or are unable to to continue to care for them.

Beautiful, loving, friendly animals like enza who is featured in the video below.

There are many ways you can help them!

Even if you are unable to take the animals yourself, there are many other ways in which you might be able to help.

Sometimes these dogs can be given a stay of execution if someone will just take care of them for a day or two, or provide the transport to enable them to go somewhere else.

go join this

once there you will be able to find out about all the poor dogs who are currently so desperately needing our help, and discover exactly how you may be able to help them.

most of the dogs on this site only have a day or two to live!


there is also a site for cats in the same predicament

and also one for animals which are in less urgent need


Here is that re-homes all kinds of unwanted pets, take a look below at some of the animals currently needing adoption.


Rescuers Creed

I would've died that day if not for you.

I would've given up on life if not for your kind eyes.
I would've used my teeth in fear if not for your gentle hands.

I would have left this life believing that all humans don't care

Believing there is no such thing as fur that isn't matted;
Skin that isn't flea bitten; Good food -and enough of it;
Beds to sleep on,
Someone to love me-

To show me I deserve love just because I exist.
Your kind eyes, your loving smile, your gentle hands
Your big heart saved me…

You saved me from the TERROR of the pound,
Soothing away the memories of my old life.
You have taught me what it means to be loved.
I have seen you do the same for other dogs like me.
I have heard you ask yourself in times of despair
Why you do it.

When there is no more money, no more room, no more homes.
You open your heart a little bigger, stretch the money a little tighter
Make just a little more room
to save one more like me.

I tell you with the gratitude and love that shines in my eyes
In the best way I know how, Reminding you why you go on trying.

I am the reason
The dogs before me are the reason
As are the ones who come after.
Our lives would've been wasted, our love never given
We would die if not for you.

By Kim Senke-Rocka
Associate Executive Director
Heart Bandits American Eskimo Dog Rescue


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