Meet My Animals


My Cats

I didnt set out to have so many cats, they just sort of seem to find their own way to me!

I currently have 10 of them, all rescue animals!

I really didnt have the chance to choose them, each of them decided to choose me instead, but I still think of them all as my precious little babies.


MewMew my "little miracle" rescue cat

In the picture above you can see MewMew,

MewMew is a recue cat, she came to me when she was just a little tiny kitten. It was right after my last chemo treatment, so I thought of her as sort of a miracle to cheer myself up with!

When she first arrived she was really wild, but we had many long conversations while I was trying to get her trust and thats why I named her MewMew cause I meowed at her to get her to stay here. Of Course food helped a lot too!

Fuzzy the fluffy grey cat

This is Fuzzy.

He wasnt actually as wild as all the others. He just kinda hung around here for a month, he wouldnt go away so eventually I gave up and started to feed him, then I had to get him neutered and now he is still here.

The rest of my cats all arrived in much the same manner and eventually they have become part of the family, I have of course had to have them all spayed or neutered and treated for their various ailments.

There is one cat that hasn't been fixed yet, but she really is extra wild. I am hoping to get her in a cage soon, but she is like a wild animal. Although she is getting a little better now she still wont let me touch her yet. She has already had 2 litters of kittens, dont know what i am going to do if she has any more!

She does gradually get more tame but it is a slow process, she comes and finds me when she is hungry and will let me get close to her when I feed her. The other day I rubbed my glove on her head gently just for a brief moment and she didn't run, she just looked at me, as if to say "what are you doing?", that was a big breakthrough!

I think it is just a matter of time before I gain her trust enough to tame her.


My Dogs

Jasmine the Dog


Ande my collie dog


These are my two dogs, Jasmine and Ande, they are great dogs, I love then very much! Both of them are actually proper pets, I havent taken in any rescue dogs because of all the cats I have.


My Donkeys

Mr Gun Smoke

The two Donkeys are both miniatures, and they are really very cute.

They were not good enough for showing so their owner decided that he wanted to get rid of them.

Unfortunately one of them (the little one, joe) has a whole bunch of problems and requires a lot of attention from the vet..

The Donkeys

Joe is the one with problems, especially his badly mal-formed mouth.

His bottom teeth jut out way ahead of his top teeth, so his teeth don't meet and he can't chew properly.

He has to have a special diet and his teeth have to be filed every year which is expensive.

Little Bo Peep

little bo peep, the long horned goat

My Goats

I was talked into taking the goats by a friend of mine who had a goat but didn't like her and wanted to get rid of her.

I had a small barn with a separate little pasture, so like a dummy, I told her Iwould take the goat. Then of course I had to get another goat to keep her company.

She got sick, so then I had to get some more goats to keep the younger goat company. They were kind of rescues too, cause they were really sick, when we went to look at them .

Now I have 3 goats!



Mishake the goat

All my Animals are very dear to me and looking after them takes up a great deal of my time and money, rescue animals unfortunately nearly always come with problems which can be very expensive to put right.

Please help to support my animals by buying your own animal products and pet supplies through the various links and banners you can find on this site.

Any money which I make from this site will be helping me to feed and properly care for all my animals and others which I may aquire in the future.

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