A few facts about Horses

You can tell how old a horse is by how many teeth it has.

A horse gets all of its teeth by the time it is five years old. After that, they just get longer.

A female horse is called a mare. In the wild it is the mare that decides when the herd moves on to another spot to find food.

A male horse is called a stallion. Usually only one stallion will stay with a herd.

Any marking on a horse's forehead is called a star, even if it is not shaped like a star.Horses and ponies feel safer when they are in a herd.

Horses can communicate how they are feeling by their facial expressions. They use their ears, nostrils, and eyes to show their moods. Beware of a horse that has flared nostrils and their ears back. That means it might attack!

A hoof is like a fingernail. It is always growing and needs to be clipped so that it won't be uncomfortable for the horse.

A farrier is a person who makes horse shoes and fits them on your horse. They also clip hooves to keep them from getting overgrown.

A horse can move in four ways: walk, trot, canter, and gallop. A gallop is the fastest gait.

There are many jobs that a horse can have. They are ridden by people, driven by people, fought in wars while being ridden, they are used to herd other animals, they are used to play the game of Polo, many people use them as pets, and to ride on the trails and show in horse shows.

And of course, one very popular thing the horse does, is to run in races, which lately has been the focus of studies to relieve the pressure that is put on the horse to win.

There has been a great deal of controversy since unfortunately a couple of horses have broken their legs while racing. My belief is that they use too many drugs to keep the horse sound instead of just letting the horse heal when they hurt themselves.



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