A few facts about Goats

Baby goats are called kids, their mothers are either Nannys or Does.

The male goats are called bucks but often people call them Billy Goats.


Here is something I learned today, and that is that goats are actually really good swimmers.
This surprises me because my goats will NOT put their feet in water OR stay out in the rain. One drop and they are straight back in their barn. lol!

There are six recognized dairy goat breeds in the U.S., Alpine, LaMancha,
Oberhasli, Nubian, Saanen, and a Toggenburg.

Each breed of dairy goat gives a different tasting milk. Oberfhasli goats give
milk that tastes the closest to cow's milk.

Hearty seafarers, goats were kept by sailors for milk.

Goats are extremely picky about what they eat. Who knew that!!! I did cause my goats
are so fussy.

And Goats do NOT eat tin cans!


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