A few facts about Cats

Did you know that some cats shed twice a year and some cats shed all year around.

Cats that live outside, usually shed twice a year, once in the Spring to get rid of their winter coats. And then like horses, they shed in the Fall also, to shed out their summer coat in order to get their winter coats.

Now the kitties that live indoors usually shed most of the year. And that is because they live under artificial lights all year around and their air temperature is about the same all year also. So they constantly are losing a little bit of hair and growing it back and so on. Just never a huge shed.

Did you also know that if you leave a bowl of food available at all times especially if it is starchy kibble, the kitty you are feeding will get into the habit of over eating and get very fat. Another thing that will encourage a cat to over eat is an under-stimulating enviroment. In other words, the kitty doesn't have enough to do. So too many of these carbs will make for a very obese cat. I know, I have one.

Cats should have two meals a day and they really should be mainly the canned food or meat. A cat can eat and eat the dry food, and never become satisfied because the food lacks the nutrients his body requires.


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