Peach Suite Hotel Supply

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This site has all kinds of great items for Hotel Supplies and Equipment. They have Appliances for the hotels such as Blenders, Clocks, Coffee Makers, Hair Dryers, Irons and even Toasters. They have many many supplies that are needed for the guest rooms. And in addition to that they have lots of items needed for the housekeeping chores. You can go here and see so many more details about what is available.  They have supplies such as linens, items for the lobby area, and many wonderful tools for the outdoor area such as a grill to cook outside. Then there are some paper products too that might be needed.

This Peach Suite Site has all the hotel resuppling nees and they also specialize in hotel openings. That have a very convenient 'room in a box' and ' Hotel in a truck' programs. They try very hard to make it so easy for the set up crew to do a great job. They also give you lots of personal attention. Take a look; and you will see the many details of this service.They have housekeeping carts, lobby area items, alarm clocks, amenities , hotel linens, lobby receptacles, paper supplies and all the cleaning supplies that you might need.

This Peach Suite Site has all kinds of fun Amenities. They have facial tissue, Vanity soap dishes, Guest combs, all kinds of deodorants for both men and women.. There all kinds of shampoos and there are actually 51 total items in the Amenities Section. Just go here;  To take a look at all the wonderful items that are available. They even have laundry bags, not pads, and paper Mate pens. So there really isn't much that this web site is lacking in the Hotel supplies category.


Cleveland Golf

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This wonderful site has all kinds of good information about many golf clubs. They drivers, Mashie Irons, wedges, hybrids, putters, womens, juniors and most anything that you might need to play the game of golf. If you would like to see a description of all the different clubs, take a look where you can see the prices of the clubs also.They also have travel covers, a carry on, a CG Black Shoe Bag, a CG Balck duffle bag and all kinds of other goodies to go along with your golf game whether it is in town or out of town

They also can provide you with a personal logo on any of your clubs or even a nice hat. You will have to look at the site to see about this great deal.You can create a partnership with the Cleveland Golf and show off your company.

Cleveland Golf has some very nice mashie Hybrid Clubs. They are designed to provide distance and versatility. They also decrease  turf drag which will give you more lift and speed. You just need to go read more  about these hybrids

They have some products that are named Gliderail sole design, Retro-Raw Finish and the Mishie ultralite Technology. So take a good look. It sure all sounds really interesting to me.


Wendy's Webpage design

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Wendy is a really good friend of mine and does an excellent job on designing web pages. She did my web site, margs animals which I just love. She will spend lots of time with you so she can get a good idea just what you want on your web page.

She will work with you and design just about anything that you need. Just take a look at her own website. It gives you all the info about Wendy herself and lots of info about all her work.

Please take a look. You will not be sorry.


Relieved to have my Mad Men back!

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Guest post written by Aimee Livingston

There are all kinds of shows that I love watching. But when it comes to some of them I just watch them casually and will flip through magazines or read when they're on TV. That's not the case for the ones that I truly appreciate and love, like Mad Men. Which I guess that Mad Men isn't really one of those shows that you can do that with. You have to pay attention to all of those little details for the show because they'll show back up much later in another season. I speculated so much about which of those little details would show up in this new season and I wasn't disappointed in what I saw so far.

I really think that people should be very happy with what they're giving us with Mad Men this season. Most of the reviews that I've read have been very positive. I was browsing through some of the season premiere reviews when I saw something on a about debt counseling and decided it would be a really good resource for me to check out.

I'm treasuring these episodes as much as possible because I know that this season will be over with before I even know it and then I'll be waiting for the next one.


Pet Amber Alert

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This great site, Pet Amber, helpt lost pets to find their way home which is so helpful. I think any pet person has had a pet disappear for no reason and would love to have someone help them find the pet.

Our pet find sytstem will put up posters all over the area, they will send out phone alerts and give the neighbors descriptions of the animal and also pass the information on the veterinarians, shelters, pet stores, and  'Rescue' volunteers. To see lots more info and learn much more info about this program. It gives you prices for the different programs. It also tells you all about the wonderful success stories. It sure all sounds really good to me. It just might save your pet's life. Take a look.


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