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Squeeky gets an early Christmas present

by admin  

Squeeky is 19 years old and not very fat. So she gets a little chilly sometimes on a cold day. We do have heat in the house but she still gets cold. So I was traveling around on the internet reading blogs and on the blog ?Way of Cats? http://www.… more »

A kitty needs to be rescued.

by admin  

Every now and again, I hope to put a cat on here that needs a home. I can?t afford to take any more in here at the Inn so I am hoping to help some other homeless animals. If anyone has a cat or dog that need a forever home, send me the information and… more »

Decorating for the Holidays Blog Hop post

by admin so much to The Frugal Housewife for organizing this Blog Hop.It is not easy to decorate for Christmas with cats, dogs and what ever else around you. You have to be very careful with the kind or ornaments you u… more »

Please don't leave me

by admin  

The hardest thing for me to do is to find someone I trust to take care of my animals while I go away for a week end or however long. Of course it is a little harder for me because I have a lot of animals, plus I have different kinds of animals. And I gue… more »

Best blog award

by admin  

I am thrilled to get this award and want to share it with some other wonderful blogs. There are some rules to accepting this award and I will get to those in a minute. First, I wanted to thank Nathan and Wild Facts, for giving… more »

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