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This really is a tribute to Bernadette E. Kazmarski's cat Peaches because she is going to be 20 years old on May 1st. which in human years is 100 years. Yikes. Peaches has a wonderful portrait of her done by Bernadette and it is up for auction. The best part is that the profits go to a wonderful Foster Cat home which is in Pennsylvania

The site that tells a lot of Peaches's stories is;

This is Peaches

To bid on the painting please go to

Anyway, my name is Squeaky and I had to go to the bridge on Dec.23rd, 2009. But I get to write this post anyway. I lived to be almost 20 years old and had a wonderful life. I was found in a dumpster luckily and ended up at a vet's office. I was so scared that I just meowed all the time. One of the nice gals had a friend that needed an orange kitty and so my forever Mom got to adopt me. I just Squeaked, thus the name Squeaky. I did spend my whole life inside, and at the end had a couple of diseases, which were the bad thyroid and some IBD. So Mom had to give me pills twice a day for a couple of years but after the first six months we sort of came to an agreement that I would allow here to give me the pills. It was a huge battle but darn it all she did win most of the time.

This is me Squeaky taking a wonderful nap


Being an older cat means that we get lots of attention and Mom does love to bond with us which is what happens when we get so much attention. We have to watch what we eat and what we do.  I myself didn't get any arthritis so I was lucky. I did lose my teeth but I kept right on eating.  You know they say that cats eat most of their food whole anyway. When I was younger, people didn't know about all the no-grain food and raw food but these days, cats can have a better chance of having a healthy older life.

So Peaches, a very Happy Birthday to you and hope you live many more years. Tell Mom to give you a big hug for us. Lots of purrs coming your way too.


Comment from: animalartist [Visitor] ·
Marg, thanks for finally telling us about Squeaky! Those old timers really take your heart when they go, but they leave a part of themselves behind with you for safe keeping. Peaches is looking forward to her birthday on Saturday (especially after her bad day yesterday).
04/29/10 @ 08:29
Comment from: umi-e [Visitor] ·
wowwww nice picture of Peaches
04/29/10 @ 09:04
Comment from: Old Kitty [Visitor] ·
Happy Birthday sweet Peaches!! What a grand ol beautiful kitty lady! And what a great age. I think the painting of her is really lovely - it's bound to sell quickly! And Squeaky! Thank you for visiting us here on the other side of the bridge to tell us all about you. Your mum is a wonderful lady to have found you. Take care x
04/29/10 @ 09:22
Comment from: Fuzzy Tales [Visitor]
Squeaky, you were a precious, beautiful kitty! We're so glad you found such a wonderful home and had such a terrific human mom!

That portrait of Peaches is absolutely lovely!
04/29/10 @ 09:33
Comment from: Jen [Visitor] ·
Happy Birthday Peaches, what a beautiful cat you are.
04/29/10 @ 09:44
Comment from: Sammy and Andy [Visitor] ·
Happy Birthday, Peaches....what a milestone!!!!

It must be 20 year old week, as mama is featuring her Sookie on our blog tomorrow....she also lived to be 20!!!!!

We bet your Squeaky and our Sookie are playing together at the bridge......:)
04/29/10 @ 10:06
Comment from: Comedy Plus [Visitor] ·
Awww...what a heart warming post. The print is lovely too. I think the highest bid is now $75. Very good indeed.

Have a purrfect day and a great big hug to Marg. :)
04/29/10 @ 11:45
Comment from: Amy & The House of Cats [Visitor] ·
Wow it is great to hear about so many older cats who have lived out great lives!
04/29/10 @ 12:55
Comment from: j [Visitor] ·
Ah, Squeaky, you are so cute. We think your mom misses you a LOT! You had a bad start but a long life and lots of love. Thanks for the post.
04/29/10 @ 13:24
Comment from: Brian [Visitor] ·
Squeaky, you're so darn cute!!! Peaches is beautiful too. My Dad and Mom had a cat that was 20, a long ways back.
04/29/10 @ 13:39
Comment from: Sparkle [Visitor] ·
That is a lovely portrait of the birthday girl! 20 years is a long time for a kitty, although my human says it still isn't long enough.
04/29/10 @ 14:02
Comment from: BeadedTail [Visitor] ·
Happy Birthday to Peaches! The portrait of her is beautiful!

Squeaky was so adorable and we know she'll always be missed. It's wonderful she had such a long, loving life. Our mommy had a cat named Panther who lived to be 18 before crossing the Bridge in 2007 - before we came here. She misses her to this day.
04/29/10 @ 14:55
Comment from: ann [Visitor] ·
Well happy birthday to Peaches. What a pleasure to get a glimpse at precious little Squeaky also.
04/29/10 @ 17:59
Comment from: The Island Cats [Visitor] ·
Squeaky, you were cute!! I'm glad you had a long, happy life! Say hello to my big brother Scooter who is at the Bridge too...

04/29/10 @ 21:57
Comment from: Zippy, Sadie and Speedy [Visitor] ·
Dat is a beyootiful portrait of Peaches her mom did...We are looking forward to da day dat 20 isn't really old fur a kitty or woofie anymore.
04/29/10 @ 22:22
Comment from: Jacqueline [Visitor] ·
I had a almost 20 year old cat named Nikki (1984-2004), so I understand caring for an elderly cat...Squeaky was a gorgeous baby; I didn't know you then, but am happy to learn about him and very sorry for his recent loss...Happy Birthday to Peaches, the painting is beautiful.
04/30/10 @ 03:43
Comment from: Sara Cat [Visitor] Email ·
What a beautiful post about two wonderful cats! Meow!
Happy birthday Peaches!
I am going to be ten years old on June 6th. So I am in the middle. Hope I can live at least five more years before I have to go to the rainbow bridge. Life is good when you are loved!
Sara Cat
04/30/10 @ 05:20
Comment from: Catherine [Visitor] ·
Isn't it wonderful that with the proper care, good quality food and lots of love our furry four legged friends can be with us for an extra long time! 20 Years ~ that is amazing! How wonderful!
04/30/10 @ 07:44
Comment from: Sniffie and the Florida Furkids [Visitor] ·
Happy Birthday to Peaches! 20 is impressive!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
04/30/10 @ 09:02
Comment from: Hannah and Lucy [Visitor] ·
Happy birthday Peaches. The one that came before us was 19 and a half years old when she went to the Bridge.
04/30/10 @ 09:10
Comment from: Cats of Wildcat Woods [Visitor] ·
Happy Birthday Peaches...lovely painting of you! Nice story of Squeaky too. Cheers to old cats and the great folks who care for them!
04/30/10 @ 13:59
Comment from: HArry Spotter [Visitor] ·
Love the pictures...Have a great weekend.
04/30/10 @ 15:30
Comment from: meowmeowmans [Visitor] ·
Wow! Happy 20th birthday, Peaches! We hope you have a wonderful day and year. :)

And Squeaky ... it sure is nice to meet you. You live on strong in your mom's memory because she loved you so much. :)
04/30/10 @ 22:41
Comment from: Lorenza [Visitor] ·
Happy Birthday Peaches!
Thanks for sharing Squeaky story with us!
Take care
Kisses and hugs
04/30/10 @ 22:53
Comment from: Everycat [Visitor] ·
Hello Squaky at The Bridge, we always love seeing you again. We have such a soft spot for senior cats, we love'em. Thank you for telling us about Peaches, we just went over to visit her and leave our Birthday Greetings for her. She's lovely and we think she lives a very good life indeedy!

Whicky Wuudler
05/02/10 @ 08:52

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