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A tribute to Lil Bo Peep (Peepers)

by admin  

We all wanted to write a little tribute to our goat Lil Bo Peep(Peepers). She came here just about ten years ago as a small little baby. A friend of Mom's had a goat that wasn't doing well at her house so she needed to find another home for the goat Rosa… more »

Goat soap giveaway

by admin  

Hi there, Pricilla here. I have my own blog Pricilla Speaks where you can see all kinds of pictures of me and all my grandchildren. It is such a fun blog Anyway, we are giving away some of the soap that is made here on our Happy Goat farm so we thought… more »

Peepers the goat

by admin  

Hi there, Peepers here. Who is our guest.  Hi there Peepers, my name is Hugo and I wish you would come over here and talk to me. You look kind of cute but those horns are a little scary. You wouldn't hurt me would you??   Oh thanks Peepers for comi… more »

Rose bushes are so Yummy

by admin  

Well for some of us the rose bush is a great treat and that would be for me the residing goat here. We just love the leaves from those thorny branches. That are so tasty. more »

Why can't we??

by admin  

Hi there, our names are Peepers(goat), Smoke and Joe. As you can see we are still shut out of our front pasture.  We really don't need to be out there, but it is just that we can't be out there, that we want to be. That is always the way, what ever you c… more »

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