Oh those silly donkeys

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We are two little mischievous donkeys that arrived at this wonderful home for animals and we are always in trouble. We love to drive mom nuts by doing silly things. We were just tiny babies when we arrived so we were really cute. We are still cute sometimes but we are a little more grown up now but only in size. We are still small because we are miniature.

We were meant to be show donkeys but we lucked out and were born with the wrong stuff to go to donkey shows. Joe had a funny mouth that would kick him out of the ribbons. He has what is called a Monkey mouth of all things. It means that my bottom teeth jut out further than my upper teeth. Would have been nice if someone had just put braces on me, but guess that can’t be done with donkeys. So I have to go through something called ‘having my teeth floated’ once a year. That is when the horse dentist comes and files my teeth, so they don’t grow into my gums. This sounds awful doesn’t it.
But it isn’t too bad

Smoke had the wrong color muzzle so he couldn’t go to the donkey shows either. So we both ended up here with our old lady Mom. Don’t tell her we said that.
Anyway, while we were babies we learned how much fun it was to pick up buckets and carry them around. We would take turns and sometimes even had little tug or war with the buckets. We also dragged as many lead lines around that we could find.

Joe and Mr. Gun Smoke

So one day we discovered the little buckets that the goats eat out of. And of course we had to carry one of them off. We took it a long ways away. And then stood around laughing at Mom when she went to feed the goats and the bucket wasn’t there. She looked everywhere for it but couldn’t find it. We had carried it all the way down to the end of the 5 acre property. She did find it the next day by walking all around the property. Too funny. Too bad, she didn’t get a picture of us doing the deed.


Comment from: The Creek Cats [Visitor] ·
Joe and Smoke, ya'll are just too cute! You boys may have been all wrong for the donkey shows, but you are alright with us! We bet you keep your mom Marg busy, huh? Boy did you guys find a great forever home!
10/07/09 @ 16:11
Comment from: Cat with a Garden [Visitor] ·
It's very nice to meet to meet you two. How can anyone call your muzzle colour wrong, Smoke? That's beyond us!
Thank you for visiting us. We were just having raw meat - hope we didn't gobble it in too noisily. We're still young and sometimes it's hard being a ladycat.
Purrs, Siena & Chilli
10/08/09 @ 10:17
Comment from: Chris [Visitor] ·
what a couple of little characters you are. Sounds like you indeed lucked out and found a wonderful home with "the old lady mom."
10/08/09 @ 15:11
Comment from: Daisy the Curly Cat [Visitor] ·
Joe and Smoke, I think you two are perfect just the way you are. I have never met any donkeys before. But I have some goat friends!
10/09/09 @ 06:55
Comment from: Your Daily Cute [Visitor] ·
Joe and Smoke -- you are such cuties! It's nice to know a couple donkeys. :)
10/09/09 @ 23:48
Comment from: grrreta [Visitor] Email ·
I think you two definitely lucked out by getting such a great home. It's even better that you get to live there together. It sounds like you have lots of fun playing pranks on your mom.
10/11/09 @ 11:09
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11/20/09 @ 08:09
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