Donkey sighting

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Hi there, Smoke here. We haven't been on the blog for many moons and it is about time for us to be seen. We live here too, you know.


Hi there Mom, Joe here. I am trying to eat my breakfast. Why did you have to come right this minute. But we are glad to make it onto the bloggy. Did you know we are miniature donkeys?We came with our names. Smoke has a fancy name. His name is really Mr. Gun Smoke. I am just plain ole Joe.


Joe here.Now look what happened. You just can't get good help these days. That person cut off my gorgeous long ears. I was just having my morning stretch.

Sure hope that everyone has a fantastic day

Be sure to go wish Hannah and Lucy a Happy Birthday Today




Comment from: Hannah and Lucy [Visitor] ·
It's good to see you both again - it's a long time since we last saw you. Joe is that flashy box interrupting your breakfast - that's not very nice when you are hungry! Joe fancy having missing ear tips - that Marg must be having a bad day!! Give her a gentle nudge and then give her a smooch - it will make her day. Thank you all for your birthday wishes.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
06/16/12 @ 07:29
Comment from: FInn [Visitor] ·
LOL! You can't get good help anywhere these days, not even at home!
Can I use one of these pictures during my closing ceremony for the Olympics? I have a little idea!
06/16/12 @ 08:14
Comment from: layla (Cat Wisdom 101) [Visitor] ·
We're always glad to see you guys! If you get bored, join us for our naughty dance party. Have a great weekend!
06/16/12 @ 08:25
Comment from: Brian [Visitor] ·
It is always so nice to see you two!!! I hope you enjoy the pretty day and have fun!
06/16/12 @ 08:27
Comment from: Natalie [Visitor] ·
Oh I love donkeys! We really want a rescue donkey or two for our farm one day. Love them!
06/16/12 @ 10:42
Comment from: Random Felines [Visitor] ·
love those donkeys (and how mean to cut off the ears)....
06/16/12 @ 10:44
Comment from: KimT [Visitor] ·
Oh my, Joe, such a handsome dude you are! You and Smoke (Gun Smoke) have the coolest names!! Glad you got a little blog-time!
06/16/12 @ 12:12
Comment from: The Chair Speaks [Visitor] ·
Fancy or not fancy names, you both are cool and wonderful to us. Purrs!
06/16/12 @ 12:25
Comment from: Comedy Plus [Visitor] Email ·
It's good to see you guys again. I'm glad mom decided to feature you today.

Have a terrific day. :)
06/16/12 @ 12:26
Comment from: Whisppy [Visitor] ·
You funny donkeys! Did the both of you come to the farm together?
06/16/12 @ 12:29
Comment from: ginger jasper [Visitor] ·
Nice to see you and you are looking good.. HUgs GJ xx
06/16/12 @ 12:59
Comment from: Fenris, Socks & Scylla [Visitor] ·
We hopes you enjoyed your stretch. We couldn't tell you were miniature donkeys from the pictures. When Mom & Dad first moved here they let a neighbor keep miniature horses on the property. Silly youngest boy bean tried to ride one of them. He was only 3 or 4 years old.
06/16/12 @ 14:25
Comment from: Madi and Mom [Visitor] ·
MOL SMoke and two are just too cute for your own good. You know what you call a donkey with shortened ears?
A short horse. MOL I crack myself up!!

FYI: The help here is slack too.
Hugs Madi your BFFF
06/16/12 @ 14:56
Comment from: Sparkle [Visitor] ·
It is always nice seeing you guys! I didn't know Smoke was actually Mr. Gun Smoke! I'm surprised Joe wasn't named Matt Dillon.
06/16/12 @ 14:56
Comment from: Deb Barnes -- Zee and Zoey [Visitor] ·
Well, that was certainly a nice surprise!! Who doesn't like seeing happy donkeys?!! Nice meeting you Joe and Smoke!!
06/16/12 @ 15:00
Comment from: mariodacat [Visitor] ·
It's about time that we got to see you again cuz we think you both are so cute. Do you keep those kitties in line?
06/16/12 @ 15:01
Comment from: Eric and Flynn [Visitor] ·
Hi Smoke and Joe. Good to see you again. That looks like a good stretch Joe.
06/16/12 @ 15:12
Comment from: CATachresis [Visitor] ·
Your person is a bit of a silly ass, cutting off your ears lol

Nice to see you guys blogging :)
06/16/12 @ 17:01
Comment from: Chloe and Cecil [Visitor] ·
It's so nice to see you again and hope we get to see you more often!
06/16/12 @ 17:41
Comment from: BeadedTail [Visitor] ·
We're glad to see you on the blog Smoke and Joe! It's too bad your mom had to mess up your photo but we can still tell how cute you are!

Thanks for the well wishes for our sisfur Sadie! We all appreciate them!
06/16/12 @ 17:49
Comment from: lin [Visitor] ·
Oh, YEA! I LOVE when we see the donkeys!!!! :)

06/16/12 @ 21:04
Comment from: The Island Cats [Visitor] ·
We always enjoy seeing you, Smoke and Joe!!
06/16/12 @ 21:41
Comment from: Lorenza [Visitor]
Smoke and Joe!
I am happy to see you two!
Kisses and hugs
06/16/12 @ 22:39
Comment from: Penelope [Visitor] ·
Hi Guys!
It has been a while since we saw yous! Yous is looking good! Met thinks yous looks better than ever!
06/16/12 @ 22:59
Comment from: Clooney [Visitor] ·
LOOKIN' GOOD! Hey Joe and Mr. Gun Smoke glad to see you on the blog! That's a pretty good stretch you got going on there Joe...hope you two are keeping out of mischief or I'll have to come do some snoopervising...

Luv Uncle Cloon
06/17/12 @ 02:02
Comment from: Katie Isabella [Visitor]
Hi hi hi Joe and Smoke!!!
06/17/12 @ 16:32
Comment from: Cathy Keisha [Visitor] ·
TW is always cutting off my ears too! Nice to see you Donkeys anyway. You deserve face time too.
06/18/12 @ 12:14

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