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Thankful Thursday with Donkey Tocks

by admin  

Smoke here and we just want to let you know that not just the kitties have tocks, so do we. But we don't know why the Person is taking pictures of our rear section. What is wrong with the woman.   Hi there, Joe here. Smoke, she is doing it to me to… more »

Wordless Donkeys

by admin  

Hi there, Smoke here and I am out of here.Hi there, Joe here and Smoke, wait for me. more »

Donkey sighting

by admin  

Hi there, Smoke here. We haven't been on the blog for many moons and it is about time for us to be seen. We live here too, you know.   Hi there Mom, Joe here. I am trying to eat my breakfast. Why did you have to come right this minute. But we are g… more »

Wordless Wednesday

by admin  

  Silly Smoke    Yes Smoke we see you.  Off you go you norty Donkey   more »

Those Donkeys

by admin  

    So, Hi there Smoke here. You really can't see me can you or did that darn kitty over there whose name is Ohs, tell you what I was up to.  Joe and I are always doing something  sort of norty.    Oh No, they saw us Joe. Now they have ev… more »

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