The most faithful dog

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This is a dog that looks like Momma Dog
This looks like Momma Dog looked


Anyway, I have owned and rented many barns around the country for the purpose of running boarding stables and teaching riding. And in the process of doing this particular business, I have owned many dogs and cats and of course they all have their individual stories. One story is about the dog I called Momma dog.

The owner of the property, where my barn was located, said he had a Momma dog and three puppies under his hay barn. He said that I could have the puppies for nothing and one of my boarders said she would take one of the puppies. These puppies were totally wild since they had never seen a human being and the momma was also very shy and wild. The momma dog was just a stray that had gone under the barn to have her puppies.

So we went over to try to catch the puppies and we did and at the last minute, the owner threw the Momma dog into the back of my truck. So now I had another dog.
Anyway, we got them all home, and the puppies worked out just fine. We had them fixed and gave them all the shots they needed.

So, I spent a lot of time trying to become friends with the Momma dog, which became her name, and eventually I could pat her some. When I did pat her, she would dance around in circles and just was so happy to have a home. But everything was still very traumatic for her. She would come in the house occasionally but not for long. She was a wonderful dog, even though she wasn't the cuddly type.

Unfortunately I had to leave this particular place, and move a long ways away. And the place that I was moving to, there was only room for me and no animals, except my horse. But I had to live in a single room. So I had to leave Momma dog, and this was very sad for me. Anyway, I gave her to a really good friend of mine, who lived about 40 miles from the barn where we lived.

This is a true story, but after I left to go to the new job, Momma dog disappeared from my friend’s house and other friends of mine said they saw her on the highways. It took her three weeks, but she came all the way back to the barn where we all had lived. What a dog. Shows you how faithful dogs really are. Well, by the time she did all this, I had a better job and more room, so of course I went all the way down there and got her. Boy, it was so good to see her.


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I am glad that your dog managed to find its way back after disappeared for certain time. Mine too, but disappear not far from my house. They are faithful animal and well deserved their owner's attention and care.

Have a nice day and look forward to hearing from you,
06/29/09 @ 20:48
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