Wow, Freedom at last

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MOMMA KITTY ON Left and two of her kittens.

Hi there, my name is Momma Kitty. I am a very wild feral cat and my role in life was to have kittens as often as I could spit them out. I live at my staff’s neighbors most of the time but they don’t feed me, so after a litter of kittens, my present staff, came over and found the kittens and I. . She would come over and feed all of us twice a day. Then one day, she made me very sad and took my kittens over to her home with her which probably was best.

I would not ever let her touch me because I am a true feral cat. I was never touched and never will be touched. I am just plain a wild animal.

So I had two more litters of kittens and I abandoned the 3 kittens in the third litter when I came in season. I just had to go find a boy friend. Luckily the good staff of mine kept coming over and getting the kittens and they followed her home and had something to eat.

Then after becoming a mother again, I was very hungry. So I went to my other home where the staff fed me and the kittens too. The human had some contraption set up in the stall where we ate, and she fed me in there for about two weeks so I got quite used to going in there. To make a long story shorter, one day she closed the door on the carrier and I was trapped.It only took her two years to catch me. She was excited but I wasn't. I could not believe that she did that to me. But she just couldn’t afford for me to have any more children.


So off to the vet we went. Well, someone tried to take me out of the cage after the human had explained how I was a very wild cat. So I bit the person. Then I was in real trouble because I have never had rabies shot. So I had to be either put to sleep or quarantined for a certain amount of time. My staff did not have anywhere to quarantine me, so the gal that I had bitten said she would take me.

So I had to stay in a cage for two weeks after being spayed. That was just awful. I was so very scared that I hissed at the person that I had bitten. Finally I got to go home and my staff was very glad to see me and very sorry that she had made me go through all that.
She turned me loose and I was such a happy kitty. I meowed like crazy and my three youngest kittens came running and we all went back to the neighbors which upset the staff but we came back. So I am thrilled to be free again.


Comment from: Barb [Visitor] Email
Great story Marge! I'm glad it all turned out good for Momma Kitty - and her babies.
10/16/09 @ 19:35
Comment from: Dana [Visitor] ·
Momma Kitty is back home with you? I bet she is soooo happy to be back home with you and the kittens and cage free!

I think you do fabulous work, Marg. You're like a one woman army taking care of all those needy animals! Great job!
~Dana and The Creek Cats~
10/16/09 @ 20:06
Comment from: Daisy the Curly Cat [Visitor] ·
Wowie, Momma Kitty! I know it must have been a terrible ordeal for a truly feral cat to have to be caged for 2 weeks. But much better than the alternative!

I am so glad you have been spayed so you do not have to have any more bebbehs to take care of.
10/17/09 @ 11:01
Comment from: Cats~Goats~Quotes [Visitor] ·
Oh my goodness Momma Kitty! You have had quiet an adventure. We know you will be much happier and healthier now that you won't have to keep raising babycats.
Hopefully the human, the staff and you are all great friends again!
~ The Bunch
10/17/09 @ 14:47
Comment from: grrreta [Visitor] Email ·
What a great story. Your staff is wonderful to go to so much work to make sure you and your kittens are safe, healthy, and cared for. It makes us so happy that you have been spayed and are back where you get food and care. It was very nice that the person you accidentally bit was willing to keep you quarantined. You've been through a lot, but you are truly a very lucky kitty to have found such wonderful staff.
10/17/09 @ 20:22
Comment from: Your Daily Cute [Visitor] ·
I'm so happy you got spayed, Momma Cat! I know it was a bit of a rough go those 2 weeks, but now you don't have to worry about getting pregnant anymore. Yay!

10/17/09 @ 22:21
Comment from: Chris [Visitor] ·
That took great courage for the person you bit to take you home for 2 weeks - very nice of her and all the staff that watch over you miss Kitty. You can now live out your life without spitting out any more kittens - enjoy!
10/19/09 @ 15:45
Comment from: Sara Cat [Visitor] ·
What an ordeal you have gone through! I hope you will be happy and healthy now. Please try to make friends with these two-leggeds. I know you find this hard to believe, but they seem to really want to help you.
Good luck.
Sara Cat
10/21/09 @ 19:08
Comment from: baby furniture [Visitor] ·
What a great story! .. I think you do fabulous work, Marg. You're like a one woman army taking care of all those needy animals! Great job!
10/23/09 @ 04:00

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