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My favorite Pet shop

by admin  

Hi there, Gertrude here and I am here to tell you all about My favorite Pet Shop. more »

Changing over to Blogger

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Please come visit us over at Blogger.Margs Animals more »

Tabby Thursday times Two

by admin  

Hi there, Maggie on the left here and Little Bit on the right. We are best buddies as some of you already know, so while we are trying to get a little sun, we wash each other's faces.   OK Maggie, my turn to have my head washed. A little to the lef… more »

Happy Halloween

by admin  

Hi there Two Two here. As you can see, I was the chosen one to wear this silly bandana. And as you can see, I almost have the darn thing off. Those are kind of cute Pumpkin faces there though.   But here I am with it like it is supposed to look. So… more »

Tabby Tuesday

by admin  

Hi there Mew Mew here. Now Ande, I have this snake and you cannot have it, so don't even try. The Person let me play with it too.     OK, snakie, do NOT try to get away. I have my cat's eye on you.   That silly snake thinks it is getting aw… more »

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