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Donkey sighting

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Hi there, Smoke here. We haven't been on the blog for many moons and it is about time for us to be seen. We live here too, you know.   Hi there Mom, Joe here. I am trying to eat my breakfast. Why did you have to come right this minute. But we are g… more »

Tuesday Donkeys

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  Smoke here, and I wanted to be part of turning Orange for April to help stop cruelty to animals.  So I made myself Orange. I am supposed to be a grayish color. We have red clay here, and I love to roll in it which makes me Orange. Isnt it fun. I dy… more »

A donkey sighting

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Here we are, little miniature donkeys, Joe and Smoke. We just wanted to personally thank everyone for the bidding and donating items on our auction. We know that some of it is for Joe's teeth problems, so we are so thankful for the help. Mom, I am ha… more »

Thankful Thursday.

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We are so thankful for our long earred brothers that are so much bigger than us even though they are miniature donkeys.  They do lots of funny things and keep us all entertained except Mom sometimes. They like to open and close gates which drives the ass… more »

Donkey fun

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My good friend Smoke and I (Joe) really like to carry buckets around and Mom just happened to have her camera with her this morning. So here I am picking this one up. One time we carried one all the way down to then end of the pasture. It took Mom days t… more »

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