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Donkey fun

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My good friend Smoke and I (Joe) really like to carry buckets around and Mom just happened to have her camera with her this morning. So here I am picking this one up. One time we carried one all the way down to then end of the pasture. It took Mom days t… more »

Baby Joe , the donkey

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Joe here as a tiny little baby. Sorry this picture is so bad . We had to scan it and Mom doesn't know how to fix it. Anyway here I am when I was a little baby. I am so cute, aren't I. Since everyone got to meet me at Bora Bora, we thought you might like… more »


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That silly donkey, Mr. Gun Smoke

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Hi there my name is Mr. Gun Smoke. Joe and I live here amongst all these silly kitties. So we try to be silly also. One thing we like to do is to carry any bucket we can find around and put them in different places. It drives our Mom slightly nuts. But s… more »

We have guests.

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Hi there our names are Joe and Mr. Gun Smoke and we are the two resident miniature donkeys here.  We usually have the run of this place along with the one goat and can go anywhere we darn please.  Then last Sunday, here comes this horse trailer into our… more »

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