My favorite Pet shop

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Hi there, Gertrude here and I am here to tell you all about My favorite Pet Shop.


50% OFF Site Wide for Pet Products! Year End Half Price Sale. Coupon code: AFTER50. Ends Jan. 10. Shop now!

Click this link to go look.

They have a banana Catnip toy for $6.00

They have  a small cat tree for $29.99

They have a Wand toy with  a feather  for $3.99.

You sure can't beat those prices.

Changing over to Blogger

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Please come visit us over at Blogger.

Tabby Thursday times Two

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Hi there, Maggie on the left here and Little Bit on the right. We are best buddies as some of you already know, so while we are trying to get a little sun, we wash each other's faces.


OK Maggie, my turn to have my head washed. A little to the left please.  The ears need some attention too. Thanks.  Do you think a bird will land in this bush outside the window??

OK Folks, the Person is trying to figure out how to get a video on this silly blog. So far the only way we can do it is like this. So just click Video (Below) if you feel like seeing  a bunch of us having some fuds. She can't figure out how to just have the video on here. If any one has any suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

Everyone have a super duper day.


Happy Halloween

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Hi there Two Two here. As you can see, I was the chosen one to wear this silly bandana. And as you can see, I almost have the darn thing off. Those are kind of cute Pumpkin faces there though. I do look a little spooky on this blanket in this lighting.


But here I am with it like it is supposed to look. So Happy Halloween everyone. Hope all of you get tons of treats and no tricks.


Just look at Two Two' costume, thanks to our good friend


Last but sure not least, here is Mahoney with braids. We love this avatar that Wendy made for us.

We sure hope everyone has a nice safe and fun Halloween. Our best to all those that were in the Hurricane.

Tabby Tuesday

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Hi there Mew Mew here. Now Ande, I have this snake and you cannot have it, so don't even try. The Person let me play with it too.



OK, snakie, do NOT try to get away. I have my cat's eye on you.


That silly snake thinks it is getting away from me. I am on it right now.  Or maybe that is a grasshopper. What ever, I am going to get it.


We are sending might big purrs and prayers for all those that got hit by the Hurricane. We hope all of you are all right.



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