Does your dog have the itchies.

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Dog scratching
A Dog scratching his back

My two dogs, Ande and Jasmine really have the itches. I have applied Advantage to both of them which is for fleas. And they are still itching.

There are many reasons for a dog to itch or scratch and bite themselves. One is that they may have mites and some of the symptoms for that include scratching, hair loss, crusty or scabby sores and inflamed skin. For more information on this mite subject, got to this site.

Another reason for the scratching could be food allergies. The symptoms for this other than the scratching is vomiting, diarrhea, a lot of gas, skin itchiness, and poor coat quality. These food allergies are normally seen in the dog’s early life. If you think your dog has these particular symptoms, then please take them to a vet.

My two dogs do not have any of these symptoms. I believe that they just have dry skin. Last summer when I gave them baths a lot, they got much better. So I am recommending just for plain old itchiness with no other symptoms, to feed them some fatty acids which is like oil to lubricate their skin, and to bathe them in an oatmeal soap or an allergen soap.

So I recommend these two things to try. Icelandic Salmon Oil. It is only $11.99 for a bottle and the bottle comes with a pump, so you can easily pump it onto the dogs food. My dog Ande is a very fussy eater, and she ate it with no problem.
You can find this at this link.

When you go into that page, look for the Fish Oils and click that one. Then you will find the Salmon Oil

The other thing that I recommend is to bathe your dog in FURMinator Shampoo. It is full of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids so would be really good for the dry skin. You can find this shampoo at this link.
And look under the heading that says ‘other shampoos’.

So try these two things and see if they work, and don’t forget the flea treatment before you start the oil and shampoo.


Comment from: clarkandaie [Visitor] ·
tnx for the tip...ill try this to my dog..
04/18/09 @ 21:18
Comment from: clarkandaie [Visitor] ·
add me in your blog roll ill do the same
04/18/09 @ 21:19
Comment from: Gi gi [Visitor] ·
I like your blog, you have some very good topics on dogs. I like the fatty 3 oil as my dogs have dry skin. Thanks.

I am following your blog , I hope you will mine.

04/19/09 @ 01:25

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