Have you ever had a dog with Addisons Disease

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This is a sick bassett hound

I am just finding out about Addison?s disease and did some research so I thought I would pass it along. It sounds like the symptoms are very vague and hard to detect. Which I guess makes it really hard to tell if the dog really has it.

Dogs with Addison?s disease are unable to produce one or two hormones. One of the hormones missing is cortisol. Cortisol manages metabolism, stress, blood pressure and the general sense of well being. This hormone can be artificially supplemented with a low dose of prednisone. The dosage goes by what helps your dog the best. So I guess start out really low and see if the dog feels better. The dosage is entirely up to your veterinarian.

The other hormone that is missing is aldosterone. Aldosterone is a hormone that increases the reabsorption of sodium and water and the release of potassium in the kidneys. This increases blood volume and pressure by blocking the aldosterone receptor.

All this sounds like Greek to me, and I am getting these facts from several different sources

Some of the symptoms of Addison?s are very similar to the symptoms of many other diseases. At first, the dog may seem listless or seem depressed. Lack of appetite is a good indicator. The dog may also be throwing up or have diarrhea. He or she may have pain in the hindquarters and may not be able to jump on the bed or the chair. Muscle tremors may be present. In other words, if your dog just seems to not be himself, do have it checked by a veterinarian.

One of the best tests to tell whether they have Addison?s is to have the vet check the electrolyte levels. That should tell the levels of the potassium and sodium which is very much connected to the missing hormones.

This is not a death sentence for your dog. There is medicine that the dog can take. I have never had a dog with Addison?s. But at least I know a little about it now.

Stomatitis in Cats

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Orange Boy
This is the cat, Orange boy

I have rescued 12 kittens that have come around here all starved and wild. They were from different litters but they just have to be somewhat related. Two years ago, I took one of the kittens in for her check up and they discovered that she had a slight case of Stomatitis. I had no idea what that was, and the vet said to just wait and see what happened. I did notice that this particular cat had trouble eating sometimes but then she would start eating again, so I didn?t do anything about it.

Then I took in 3 more kittens and one of them has rodent ulcers which I will go into on another blog but she also has stomatitis. Now I have another cat, Orange Boy that I just took to the vet two days ago because every time he took a bite of food, he would run backwards like something had bitten him. And they think he may have stomatitis.

So I came home and did some research to find out what this is all about.
This stomatitis is a chronic disease of the mouth, an inflammation of the gums and is usually at the back of the mouth. It is also known as ?feline gingivostomatitis?. The primary feature of the disease is severe inflammation of the gums where they touch the teeth. So that is why Orange boy, every time he took a bite of food would act like something had bitten him.

The exact cause is unknown, but it is primarily thought that some cats may have a hypersensitivity or allergic reaction to bacterial plaque. There isn?t any proof but it is thought it might be connected to the feline leukemia virus, but no studies have proven this. And Orange boy and the other kittens were all tested and have had the shots to prevent feline leukemia.

If the chronic stomatitis is due to plaque intolerance, then the plaque needs to be removed and kept off. You can do this by getting your vet to do a regular teeth cleaning at least every six months. The teeth may need to be extracted in the case of a severe periodontal disease.

You can try to brush your cat?s teeth at home if your cat will let you. I do not believe any of mine would let me do that. So good luck.

Another thing is good nutrition. Maybe even a vitamin supplement since these cats may not eat as much as they should because of their sore mouths.

Now on the cat Orange Boy, they gave him a antibiotic shot which is great because I don?t have to give pills. And today he is eating like a pig. So I will just have to wait the time until the shot wears off and see how he is. But it did work, which is great.

Does your dog have the itchies.

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Dog scratching
A Dog scratching his back

My two dogs, Ande and Jasmine really have the itches. I have applied Advantage to both of them which is for fleas. And they are still itching.

There are many reasons for a dog to itch or scratch and bite themselves. One is that they may have mites and some of the symptoms for that include scratching, hair loss, crusty or scabby sores and inflamed skin. For more information on this mite subject, got to this site.

Another reason for the scratching could be food allergies. The symptoms for this other than the scratching is vomiting, diarrhea, a lot of gas, skin itchiness, and poor coat quality. These food allergies are normally seen in the dog?s early life. If you think your dog has these particular symptoms, then please take them to a vet.

My two dogs do not have any of these symptoms. I believe that they just have dry skin. Last summer when I gave them baths a lot, they got much better. So I am recommending just for plain old itchiness with no other symptoms, to feed them some fatty acids which is like oil to lubricate their skin, and to bathe them in an oatmeal soap or an allergen soap.

So I recommend these two things to try. Icelandic Salmon Oil. It is only $11.99 for a bottle and the bottle comes with a pump, so you can easily pump it onto the dogs food. My dog Ande is a very fussy eater, and she ate it with no problem.
You can find this at this link.

When you go into that page, look for the Fish Oils and click that one. Then you will find the Salmon Oil

The other thing that I recommend is to bathe your dog in FURMinator Shampoo. It is full of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids so would be really good for the dry skin. You can find this shampoo at this link.
And look under the heading that says ?other shampoos?.

So try these two things and see if they work, and don?t forget the flea treatment before you start the oil and shampoo.

Did you know that cats swallow food whole.??

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This is Squeaky

I didn?t know that until I read a great article. I have a cat names Squeaky, the orange cat in the picture that lost all her teeth about four years ago. I don?t know why she lost her teeth, because I took her to the vet regularly and her teeth were checked and cleaned.

So, thinking about Squeaky having no teeth, I was very careful of what kind of food that I would feed her. I tried soaking food and she hated that. I gave her canned food and she would eat that but not crazy about it. And she would sneak into the kitchen looking for some dry food that the other cats had left in their dishes. And she would eat the dry food. Of course I would stop her and go get her something else. It turns out, I guess she could have eaten that dry food, and so now I let her eat some.

I have seen my other cats eating dry food and they do swallow it whole without chewing it. Cats are carnivores. And normally their main source of sustenance is prey animals which they capture and kill. Then they use their teeth to tear off pieces of meat and swallow these pieces whole.

Cat?s teeth are designed for this purpose. They have very few molars and these molars are not designed for chewing and thoroughly macerating food. They do not spend much time chewing.

It probably is a good idea to avoid treats or food that is very big and hard to swallow for cats but for the most part, swallowing unchewed food is normal feline behavior.

A veterinarian, Dr.Eric Barchas, DVM says that he has not seen any reputable evidence that dry cat food is bad for cats. I myself have been told that canned food is better for cats and not to use dry food. But I have been feeding dry food for 30 years now and most of my cats live to be a ripe old age.