Hi my name is MewMew

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picture of mewmew
This is a picture of Mewmew taken in 2007.
Mewmew lounging in the yard.

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Hi there, my name is MewMew and I arrived on the scene almost three years ago. My mom has decided to write some more about the pets that live here and I am the first one to be picked on. I sure hope she makes it interesting enough so most of you will read about me.

I was a tiny little thing when I arrived, so small I could fit through the chain link fence that Mom has around her yard. And I had very long hair that was all matted and messy. I came roaring through the yard and stopped at a little out building and just sat there and screamed. For some reason, my now Mom, came over (I didn’t let her get too close) and start talking meow talk to me. It was weird. She would meow and I would meow back. This went on for about ten minutes, then she went over to another building (her house) and brought something that smelled really yummy. So I ate it and boy it was good. I was starving. I still didn’t let her get too close.

So for the next couple of days, I went off some but came back because that food was so good. And I was so hungry. And she fixed up a little shelter for me to get under when it rained. Also it was very cold, so she put some nice towels and blankets under for me to keep warm. So what a deal I found. I was so happy.

She doesn’t have any pictures of me when I was just a child. So we have to have pictures after I grew up.

So, do you think your dogs like obedience school?

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People attenting dog school
People attending dog school

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I truly believe that dogs really do enjoy the obedience school if you find a good one. There are so many ways of teaching obedience and I was very lucky to find a teacher that didn’t believe in a lot of punishment but rather repetition and treats. I have a Border collie and she just loved it.

I am a true believer that if you get a puppy, the best thing you can do for that puppy is to take it to obedience school. And the reason for that is that they learn how to socialize with other puppies along with learning obedience. The school that I attended with my dog had a time period when we turn all the puppies loose together. I was really nervous about that part, but it actually worked really well, if any one of the dogs got really aggressive, then the teacher would step in and stop them. And the fact that they were all puppies made it kind of like a play period. Of course that was the puppy’s favorite part of the school, but they also enjoy the obedience

The puppies may act like they don’t like to learn to sit, stay and lie down but eventually they really well enjoy simply because it means they get some extra attention. It has been years since my Border collie went to school and she loves it when I make her heel and sit etc. She is sure she is a star because she gets praised for doing her exercises. And it really helps for the puppies as they get older to know how to sit, come, and lie down.

Another thing, your dog doesn’t have to be a puppy to go to obedience school. I have seen older dogs go and become stars also. It is just a great activity for both the dog and the human. I really enjoyed it a lot. Even the homework is fun.

The obedience school also teaches the young dog about other people and getting socialized with people too. And that is because you trade dogs for certain exercises and in general are just around lots of people with their dogs. I was so pleased at the way my dog came through the school and she was always friendly with other dogs and with people. None of my other dogs have been that way and I have had a lot of dogs.

Do you think you could live with a deaf dog???

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A dog with ear phones
Dog with ear phones

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I have seen and known some deaf puppies and it is quite a challenge for a human to live with one successfully but it can be done. It just takes some extra effort and the dog or puppy has to be supervised and managed a little different than a dog that can hear. The hardest thing for the human is learning how to develop a mode of communication without sound, using hand and body signals. And you certainly would need a fenced in area for the deaf dog. But just think how rewarding it would be to be able to do such a thing. Sure beats putting the poor puppy to sleep just because it is deaf.

Because dogs don’t speak or use language to communicate as we do, they are way ahead of us in their ability to read body language and detect meaningful patterns of motion.
So the challenge is for us to learn to use signals effectively to build a relationship with the deaf dog. I know that with my dogs that can hear, I use a lot of hand signals anyway which they seem to respond well and sometimes better than voice.

One of the issues that you will have to deal with in a deaf dog is the touch sensitivity. In other words if the dog doesn’t hear you coming, you might scare it if you just walk up to it and start patting it. So try stomping your feet or walk around the dog, so it can see you before touching it. And always use plenty of treats. Like when you pat the dog, give it a treat, so it isn’t scared of being touched. If the dog is asleep, try turning a light on or like I said before, go around the dog until it can see you.

If you take the dog out of his or her confined area be sure the dog is on a leash. And that is another way to teach the dog some signals. Put him on a leash, and make a signal to come, such as move your hand towards your chest and then pull gently on the leash and give him a treat even if he only takes one step towards you. And just do it one step at a time. You can teach the dog to sit just like you do a dog that can hear. Just gently push his rear end down on the ground, and give him a treat but at the same time use a signal too. You could hold the treat in your hand kind of high over his head and that would be your signal to sit. You can come up with all kinds of signals yourself for the dog.

Just be sure that you use positive reinforcement. Physical correction risks creating confusion, fear and distrust which would not be good for the deaf dog. You need to create a signal for a correction of behavior.

It is a challenge but well worth the trouble .Just think how close you will be to the dog.

Do you think cats and children are good together??

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Young girl and her cat
Young girl holding her cat
Young child holding a cat
This is a young child holding a cat.

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I personally think it was a fantastic combination. I had some little feral kittens in my house and they were mostly wild. A friend brought her granddaughter who was only 4 years old over to visit and the next thing I knew, the little girl was carrying the kitten around with it just hanging in her arms. I was amazed. And when she put the kitten down, he would go right back to her. And he has been one of the tamest kittens I have had.

There is an old myth that a female cat will jump into a cradle of a newborn baby and try to suffocate it. However it is highly unlikely that a cat would sit for long on a squealing, squirming infant. So I don’t really thing that is going to happen.

A little ball of fur that meows and jumps around after a ball of string or a toy mouse is just fascinating for a child. Also a child likes the independence of a cat. A cat is frequently a solitary creature and so it provides the kind of companionship particularly appreciated by children. It also serves as an educational purpose. It not only receives attentions but also returns it. That is why it is so good to have a kitten to bring up with a child. Then they can be really good friends. I have found that kittens are usually very gentle if they are handled from a very young age.

The presence of a cat introduces the child to the animal world and teaches the child a sense of responsibility for another living creature.

One of the parent’s worries is that the cat will transmit diseases, and this may be true but the diseases are all treatable. Now days, the cats get all kinds of shots to keep them from getting sick so chances are, there won’t be any illnesses to be passed on to the child.

The only other problem is that if the child is allergic to the cat, then you will have to find another home for the cat. This may be really hard on the child, so you should be really sure that it is the cat causing the allergies. Also, a major consideration would be how upset the child might feel if separated from its well-loved companion.

I really believe that here are more pluses to have a cat with a child then there are minuses.

Does your Puppy or Dog chew??

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Puppy chewing up shoes
Here is a naughty puppy chewing up some shoes.

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Puppy’s teeth until they are about six months old, and this does cause some discomfort and chewing on stuff does make the sore gums feel better. So they chew on the furniture, your shoes, the shrubbery and whatever else the puppy can get in their mouths. And the bad news is that the puppy will not ‘outgrow’ this chewing.

So somehow, you need to teach the puppy what is acceptable for chewing and what is not acceptable.

To minimize chewing problems, try to put everything up away from the puppy that he or she might be tempted to chew on. Be sure to keep the trash out of his reach. Ask the children to put their toys and dolls up so they cannot be chewed to little bits and pieces.

Then get some chew toys, and if you catch your puppy chewing on something that he shouldn’t be chewing on, clap your hands or make some kind of loud noise, the offer him an acceptable chew toy instead. Then praise him a lot so he will learn the difference.

Another thing you can do is to make the items he wants to chew on unpleasant. You can coat the furniture with a taste deterrent such as Bitter Apple. Just make sure what ever you use is not having poison in it.

Also if you have to leave the dog while you go somewhere, I strongly recommend training the puppy to a crate. It makes everything much easier, the chewing, the housebreaking and the whole nine yards.

Try different toys with your puppy, The type of toys that can be stuffed with food really gets the puppy’s attention and lets him focus on those toys instead of the chairs. And the chew sticks or chew bones take some time to chew up, so those are great toys.

Another thing that I have found helps to prevent chewing is to keep the puppy or dog busy so that they never pick up the habit. I was lucky though, and did a lot of work etc. outside and the dogs always came with me. But also try not to let the puppy be alone in the house where there might be tempting things to chew. And exercise the puppy so that when he is in the house, he wants to sleep.

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